58. The Chris Dorner to Boston Bombing Psyopp (4-15-2013)

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Some time I late 2012, I started to pick up the dis information that The Government and the Government Media Complex was putting out based on the particular types of Questions I was asking concerning Politicians, Fake Terror attacks in the USA, FEMA Drills being used by politicians to manipulate a legislative agenda. 
I also realized that some of the Information I was putting out, days or just a couple weeks later after the most amazing psy-opps being created and pushed out by the same Government Media complex i had begun to intensely question.
I started getting angry because I felt personally attacked by all of the above, up to and including murder of people i know.
I decided to take action
In late 2012 there was a debate within the Government Media Complex concerning “Stop and Frisk”.
*I felt “Stop and Frisk” was a violation of the 1st amendment (Freedom of Speech).
This law (Stop and Frisk), People could be stopped, thrown up against a wall for nothing more then the way they looked or dressed, have the pockets in their pants, shirts and jackets emptied then searched. I associate the way people dress with a type of speech so this law to me was a direct assault on the 1st amendment.
*I also felt that this was a direct assault on the 4th amendment.
I do not approve of anyone searching me with out probable cause, not a gang with wearing particular gang colors in any particular neighborhood or any type of government official period who is a member of any type of branch of government.
*I do not feel the need to put up this this gang mob mentality.
*I feel the need, when being attacked, I feel the need to fight back and by fight back, i mean fight back in any way possible.
This is what I did.
Starting in late 2012 and 2013, I started to not only get the feeling that The US Government, The Government Media Complex and the Politicians were monitoring my social sites but acting upon them to either distract the people who were reading my posts and articles, or acting to dis credit the articles and posts I had been sharing.
During the arguments concerning “Stop and Frisk” I decided to do something.
I started with all the Government media Personalities, then I moved toward the government agencies.
I started sharing this:
-If “Stop and Frisk” becomes Law in my State, My City, My Neighborhood, I am going to motivate every single drug dealer to put the guns down and carry with them a “Aids Infected Heroin Needle” from the local Junkie and stab anyone who touches them with it”
As you can tell by what happened soon after, you can see it was not taken to lightly by many people.
At that Time I was using a Telephone that was purchased in L.A. California to make all of these posts.
The Funniest thing happened Next.
The Creation of the Psy-opp known as Christopher Dorner made it to the news.
Christopher Dorner was the Guy the Government Media Complex told you was running around Hunting Cops.
It was funny because all of the locations on my particular social sites that were likes, checked in or visited were all of the places that the Government Media Complex told you Christopher Dorner was either living, hiding or being hunted down in, even that same exact location in the mountains where the Government and the Government Media Complex told you he had been captured and killed.
Another funny aspect of this psy-opp was the exact moment the Government Media Complex told the viewing or listening audience he was killed, My social sites were taken down from the internet.

1)san_bernardino_sheriff_accident_fire_dorner_murder_meme NO-CHRIS-DORNER-BODY dorner-drone-msn Chris-Dorner-pushed-back-inside-burnt-alive Investigation Continues As Remains Of Fugitive LAPD Cop Are Identified ktla_dorner_fire_130212a-615x345 chris-dorner-640_s640x427 chris-dorners-last-stand o-CHRIS-DORNER-CABIN-FIRE-570 21191635_SA download (4) facebook-dorner-ll-cool-j we-are-all-chris-dorner 1360291590_stretch 0210-christopher-dorner.jpg_full_380 dornerjpg Dorner_manifesto_references_celebrities__301620000_369863_ver1.0_320_240 (1) abc_fire_inset_kb_130212_wmain images (15) images (14) images (13) bullet-holes Cooper-Package Ex_LAPD_officer_Christopher_Dorner_belie_311200000_372052_ver1.0_320_240 (2) Ex_LAPD_officer_Christopher_Dorner_belie_311200000_372052_ver1.0_320_240 (1) Ex_LAPD_officer_Christopher_Dorner_belie_311200000_372052_ver1.0_320_240 ChirsFB9 Dorner_manifesto_references_celebrities__301620000_369863_ver1.0_320_240 images (12) christopher-dorner (1) M-Dorner-in-Iraq images (11) ap_gty_21_chris_dorner_hunt_dm_130208_wmain ChrisDorner article-2274956-1769718E000005DC-91_642x491 christopher-dorner download (3) download (2) 220px-Christopher_Dornerchristopher-dorner-inncocent dorner14 LA_ChrisDorner christopher-dorner-manifesto-p1-normal Cooper-tweet images (16) 3ba649a4639461c9c1c0179bc44673b1 christopher-jordan-dorner-facebook-page SM01 dorner12 burn-it-down Dorner in Cabin body-burned-cabin-dorner Christopher Dorner
“””Christopher Jordan Dorner (June 4, 1979 – February 12, 2013)[3][4] was a former LAPD police officer and United States Navy Reserve officer who was charged in connection with a series of shooting attacks on police officers and their families from February 3–12, 2013. The attacks left four people dead, including three police officers, and left three police officers wounded. Dorner was the subject of the largest manhunts in LAPD history,[5] spanning two U.S. states and Mexico.”””
“””On February 11, 2013 the Riverside District Attorney filed charges against Dorner for the murder of a police officer and the attempted murder of three other officers.[7] The following day, Dorner died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, during a stand-off with police at a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains.”””
Please allow me to show you where else this Psy-opp Christopher Dorner can be seen taking part in,

1)Featherstone (2) Group 8 press-conf e76c8130e3d537478aee3e25fa1f36c6 1797660_oe_morrison_mrc Jim-Featherstone Featherstone (1) Featherstone911 2012-03-10-photo7 DSC_0120_medium 79440_1450109f908087fdba7a1d31788f139f_09f9f6dbadd410bbdda693ff25650cfc 0 (1) Interim-LAFD-Fire-Chief-James-Featherstone-704x318 0 featherstone Featherstone James Featherstone Photo images (17)
2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting
(I could explain to you now how this Psy-opp was to take place, but i’m short on time.I will post a link below when I get to it.)
(LAX Psyopp link to be posted Paul CIA & CIA )
After taking into consideration what had happened with the Christopher Dorner Psyopp in February 2013, and seeing that something was going on that was making me very un comfortable. I began to pay very close attention now.
I could see and hear that The Government and the Government Media Complex was planning something again to either attack Me or the T-party.
Here is what I saw Coming.
In March, based on some news stories that came out on 3-19-2013, I calculated it would be an attack 27 days later.
27 days later was April 15th 2013.
At the time I did not take into consideration that it would be in Boston During the Boston Marathon but based on tha past attacks at the T-PARTY, I figured the next step was going to be stepped up a few notches by the Government and the Government Media Complex to really hammer the T-party. .
After talking to a few close friends concerning the NSA surveillance I decided to run a few experiments.
The first Experiment i ran was concerning phone tapping and “Real Time, Live” listening.
Exactly how this experiment was conducted, I cant tell you how, because Its none of your business, but I can tell you that I was able to back engineer the real time listening and actually listen to the ones listening to me in Real time.
It was quite comical.
The next experiment that I conducted was a real time back engineering of Key stroke Surveillance.
I do not want to give this secret away but I will tell you what I did.
At some point i was able to back engineer the listening device and then listen to those who were listening to me and watching my key strokes in real time.
One night i spent 2 or 3 hours typing messages, and deleting them and listening to the listeners.
I have to tell you, that was one goose bump chilling experience but also one of the funniest things i think I have ever done.
So Here is what I did next.
I bought a new phone.
I decided to buy a phone from the Boston area.
I wanted to attend a T-Party about 500 miles away so I figured if I had a phone in the Boston area, I could attend my T-Party and have no problems.
I went to see an old girlfriend. She was a marathon runner.
We made a plan to talk on the phone and make fake plans for me to meet up with her at the Boston Marathon.
I was not in shape enough to actually qualify to run the Marathon but smart enough to make it seem like I was going to be their to meet her after.
The few Years before that is exactly what I did.
I didn’t qualify the years before to Run the Boston Marathon but I did attend the Marathons and meet at the finish lines.
Funny huh?
So, I would call her and we (Over the telephone) promised to meet each other and spend the night together blah blah.
For a couple weeks we would make these phone calls knowing that I was not going but just to make it seem so over the phone.
On 3-19-2013 I figured out what was going on.
I saw the news reports of the accident out of Hawthorn Nevada.
Here is the articles about it.
1)Mortar_explosion_kills_7_US_Marines__acc_413310000_389266_ver1.0_640_480 images hawthorne_marines 21706190_SA
7 Killed, 8 Injured in Explosion at Hawthorne Army Depot
Posted: Mar 18, 2013 11:03 PM PDT
Updated: Mar 07, 2014 3:52 PM PST
“””Seven killed and eight more injured in a mortar explosion at Hawthorne Army Depot late Monday night.”””
“””The United States Marine Corps reported Wednesday morning that another injured Marine has been reported bringing the total injured to eight. Renown Regional Medical Center says six of the patients it received are still hospitalized; three are in serious condition and three are in fair condition as of 8:50 a.m. Wednesday”””
(The Government Media Complex does a very good job at confusing the viewers and readers)
2)marines-killed-in-nevada 0 (2) D8384A4D4258470A9E3794825A618366 0 (1)
Hawthorne, Nevada Army Depot Explosion: At Least 7 Marines Dead, Several Hurt
(Amazing how the pentagon wants to ban something after an accident even tho it was to early to develop and complete an investigation)
3)0 (3)
Reid Speaks on Senate Floor About Explosion Near Hawthorne Army Depot
Published on Mar 19, 2013
Nevada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today regarding an explosion near the Hawthorne Army Depot that killed seven Marines and injured several others.
The day before the Bombing, I mean accident was going on in Hawthorn Nevada,
Here is what the Governor Deval Patrick was doing the day before.
There are politicians galore in South Boston, Massachusetts on this St. Patrick’s Day — for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast.
March 17, 2013, 11:35 am
(Aint that strange? hind sight is 20/20)
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick held a media advisory on St. Patrick’s Day to warn residents about two recent “disasters” in the state—but they weren’t storm related.
By Steve Annear | Boston Daily | March 18, 2013 1:07 pm
And here we have Deval Patrick giving a ridiculous speech exactly 13 days before his FAKE Boston Bombing,
Governor Deval Patrick Speaks to BC Social Work Community
APRIL 2, 2013
Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts, spoke to the Boston College Social Work community on April 2, 2013, about the politics and policies of inclusion.
“Welcoming new Americans reminds us of our ideals,” said Governor Patrick. “The American dream is more than the stuff of legend or folklore. It’s real … and it’s especially real in the lives of immigrants and those of us who work to make it real, and make it last.”
Governor Deval Patrick on Inclusion – Boston College Graduate School of Social Work – Video
Published on Apr 4, 2013
(As If any of this is not a dead give away right?)
During the entire time from 2012 till the exact day of the Boston Bombing and after,
The profile picture I was using on my social sites was this picture.
This is a picture of The dead brother and I.
*The funny thing is on the caption of this photo on the social site had a story about how the kid was killed by being run over.

Here are the articles concerning the Boston Bombing
Below are the pictures the FBI showed the viewing audience as the were creating the psyopp in real time.
boylston-street-on-boston-marathon-day-showing-suspect-2-child-victim-backpack1 arrested-suspect-photos-boston-bombing-1 Bomb_suspects Boston-Suspects-fbi.gov_ 51708abba1b92.preview-620 images boston-bombing-suspect-twit 0419-motives-Boston-bombing-suspects_full_600 BOSTON_MARATHON_EXPLOSIONS_30687517 boston-suspect-screen-2 boston bomb suspects 126250239_SUSPECTS_405859b 1005638_1396043033949107_726892295_n tsarnaev-boston-bombing-nyc.si
As the situation was un folding I was mass posting all of the information in these articles on every form of media outlet as all of this was supposedly happening.
If one were to take some time and read all of the information concerning this completly FAKE event, You will see that all of the information is completely made up and fabricated in order to confuse the people
Here is an article that says one of the suspects killed his older brother or was run over by the younger brother,
(My claim at the time was it was my younger brother who was run overand the police let him die.)
1)article-2311925-1964607B000005DC-516_634x445 (1) article-2312207-1962AAD8000005DC-376_634x417 article-0-19616C99000005DC-669_306x423 article-2312207-1961B2B1000005DC-595_634x419 article-2312207-19618023000005DC-438_634x346 article-2312207-19616561000005DC-280_634x385 article-2312207-1961C021000005DC-924_634x419
Younger bomb suspect DID kill his own brother by running him over, says Boston police chief
Watertown Police Chief Deveau said Tamerlan Tsranaev, 26, marched towards police officers while shooting at them
‘He all of a sudden comes out from under cover and just starts walking down the street, shooting at our police officers, trying to get closer,’ Deveau said
Suspect eventually ran out of ammunition and was tackled to the ground 
His brother jumped behind the wheel of carjacked SUV and ran Tamerlan over, dragging his body a short distance
Over 200 rounds were fired in the span of 5-10 minutes
Police say suspects lobbed five crude bombs at them, at least one of them a pressure cooker explosive
PUBLISHED: 17:01 EST, 21 April 2013 | UPDATED: 02:14 EST, 22 April 2013
(Then we can find articles written by the same psyopp intel community that say the police ran over the Boston Bombing suspect)
1)532012_521340621256233_1408673921_n 130419190858-70-boston-manhunt-0419-horizontal-gallery
Eyewitness Saw Police SUV Run Over Tamarlan Tsarnaev
April 29, 2013
(During all of this, I am posting on every FBI, every Government Media Complex, Every Police station social site I can find with all of the information listed in this blog site so far.
I post the articles about how I have a man who was shot by a guy who fits the exact discription of a congressman’s nephew, Here are a few pictures that were located after i allege he was placed into some sort of federal witness protection after he shot a witness in the head to a crime his congressman was at the scene of,
 314116_254165618038813_781982177_n-1 1508087_1403622049880291_1039974872_n 1524940_1403622046546958_1892336022_n 1526735_1403621999880296_1138825379_n 1531990_1403621993213630_1192033247_n 1488076_1403621996546963_1270690194_n 376065_590912964261356_1824188110_n-413x620 ScreenSnapz041-620x408 Alharbi_Father 6a00d8341c60bf53ef01901b5fd250970b-600wi 314116_254165618038813_781982177_n-11 314116_254165618038813_781982177_n-1

The a short time later these shady stories pop up in the news from another Government Media Complex. 
1)article-2309570-1953E78D000005DC-25_306x423 Abdul-Rahman-Ali-Alharbi-600-220x2201 Obama_alharbi_548x316 images (1)
‘He’s a witness not a suspect’: Burned Saudi student who had apartment raided is ruled out by police
Bomb squad among 20 officers combing flat, bags of evidence removed
Police also hunting ‘dark-skinned man’ with hooded dark-colored sweatshirt and backpack seen trying to get into restricted area
Speculation mounts over who could be behind the attack that left three dead
Fingers point towards either Islamic militants or right-wing extremists who chose to attack on symbolic Patriot’s Day
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called bombings ‘cruel act of terror’ 
One of the bombs had been placed in a metal pressure cooker and was designed to look like a discarded item, police sources say
PUBLISHED: 15:40 EST, 15 April 2013 | UPDATED: 16:21 EST, 16 April 2013
2)31500738601 ScreenSnapz041 michelle-obama-saudi-student michelle-obama-bch alharbi5 screensnapz069-620x462 yazeed-salem-saudi-national-bdul-Rahman-Al-Harbi-facebook-cover-photo-3 abdul-rahman-ali-al-harbi-in-hospital
Are These Pictures of Michelle Obama Visiting the Saudi Student Put on a Watchlist Last Week?
Apr. 24, 2013 12:25pm

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